About Us

About Company

MYANMAR YANGON LUCKY JEWELLERY & JADE Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002 and the YANGON LUCKY Construction Co.,Ltd was established in 2012.

Who We Are


Since the year that our Company has been established and organised, up to now our Jewellery & Jade Co., Ltd a that was chosen by UMFCCI under the permission of the government attended and exhibited Jewellery & Jade at the international exhibition. Myanmar, our beloved country is naturally resourceful, geographically beautiful and nationally peaceful. We would like to be a part of the country development to build a better life for all the citizens, this is our aim. And our YANGON LUCKY Construction Co., Ltd also serves and carry out the projects of the directorate of Housing development under the Ministry of Construction successfully till now.

What We Do


. Besides, we usually work the projects of Y.C.D.0 and private co-construction according to the specified quality of Y.C.D.0 we hope that our company to be an internationally acknowledged company. We do hope more to make good jobs fields and work environments for the staffs. And we arrange for the customers to be satisfied with buying our buildings which are good, high standard and can go with the fine weather. We don't expect more benefit that is why our company is working with confidence for all citizens so that they can buy and own a peaceful pleasant and satisfying house in the coming future.

Our Promise

Our company believes that we will always be able to provide our customers with sotis factory services and Luxurious housing. Hence we promise that we will try our best to maintain our reputation as an international company.